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Pursuit of Happiness Will Smith

Should You Pursue Happiness?

Happiness is a by-product, not a product. It is an elusive thing to pursue, but easily ensues when your efforts are aligned with your heart. More...

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The Truth About Heartbreak

The Truth About Heartbreak

The heartbreaks won’t ever stop coming as far as I know and that is OK with me. It’s OK because it means that I am still putting myself out there in the world offering my best self. The mantra I use daily, I’ve been doing it so long now it’s almost unconscious, is this: “Here’s me on a silver platter, take it or leave it.” More...

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A Lifetime of Care

A Lifetime of Care

The sooner we come to grips with the fact that the work of taking care of ourselves never ends, the sooner we can stop feeling like there’s something wrong with us because we don’t feel like we’re where we want to be.” More...

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If You Have a Left Arm I Have a Right

If You Have a Left Arm I Have a Right

Together they dressed the most beautiful table, plates in the middle and knife to the right, fork to the left, spoon next to knives, spoon above plate for dessert, glasses above knives and napkins on the plate.... And the ketchup packages were the name cards for each of the quest. More...

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