Tips to Create a Better Life

Eric SummitThere are many different motivational seminars and speakers espousing brilliant ways to make yourself better. One such list of ideas to change behaviors and improve your life is listed below. These are paraphrased from the Landmark Forum.

You might take these to heart and live them, if only for a day. When you lay your head on your pillow at the end of this day, ask yourself if applying some or all made a difference. If they did, build on it from there. Use them again the next day, and the next, until you are a better person, a more powerful leader, and a more trusted and empathic community member, all the while building a life you dream of.

· Be Racket-Free: Give up being right – even when you know you were.

· Be Powerful: Be straight in your communication and take what you get.

· Be Courageous: Acknowledge your fear (not necessarily get rid of it) and then act.

· Be Peaceful: Give up the interpretation that there’s something wrong.

· Be Charismatic: Give up trying to get somewhere. Be entirely fulfilled in the present moment.

· Be Enrolling: Share your new possibilities in such a way that others are touched, moved and inspired.

· Be Unreasonable: In expectations of yourself and others beyond what you would think they are capable of.

What is Your Theme?

Finding motivation comes from the knowing and living from the basics. Start by picking your theme for the year. What is it that you will focus on this year? Pick what you know in your heart matters to you and incorporate this theme into everything you look at, long for, and do. Being grounded and lifted by a single theme is bound to lead to more and better things for you, every day.

Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, gives brilliant insight into how to grow through this technique.

Take Big Chances by Demystifying Risk

92618378-steve-fisher - CopyWhen it comes to using the tools you have acquired, honed, and used to learn to then take big chances needed to grow and succeed all the more, according to world-champion whitewater kayaker Steve Fisher:

“You can’t use any of these tools until you demystify risk. We can mitigate risks purely by understanding them. And the way that we understand them is we take a seemingly impossible idea and we break it down into little digestible parts and we look at each step individually to see if that is attainable. What happens then is what we are doing, we find that many of our fears are unjustified and very often we find that what’s before us is far less risky than what we thought.”

“We all live always at the edge of uncharted waters. No matter whether it is meaningless like kayaking a river or meaningful like changing the world, the principle is always the same: we need to buck up and add our piece to the puzzle.”