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Want to find the best diets? Do you long to know the most successful strategies for living your dreams? Looking for the most romantic ways to say I love you without using any words? How about why gratitude really makes lives better? Our easy-to-read and quick-to-digest top ten lists will motivate you to try something new! Check out the latest…

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Looking for inspiration? Our Quote Experience helps you instantly feel it through words, music and awe-inspiring imagery. The Directory gives you access to thousands of quotes that are organized by author and subject. Come explore these pages and share just the right words with others. Our most popular and empowering quotes include…

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Relating to and learning from personal stories is a fantastic way for you to improve your life. These accounts--submitted by people like you who longed for something more--are searchable by life area. From better relationships to starting a new career, finding purpose to spiritual growth, gain instant access to narratives that will embolden you, today.

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The Ten Best Things to Do in the Morning

The Ten Best Things to Do in the Morning

Amazingly, the most satisfied and the most successful among us follow very similar morning routines. Here are the top ten activities those who flourish do to start their day... More...

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The Power of Purpose: A Hero's Story

The Power of Purpose: A Hero's Story

Although not in place yet Michael’s vision is to create a foundation that will sponsor a number of scholarships each year in honor of fallen veterans, so as his son, Brandon. “We want to have a positive impact on those who put it all on the line to defend our freedom,” said Michael. More...

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Lion chasers realize that impossible odds can become improbably victories.

How to Raise a Lion Chaser

Rachel will be a huge success in sport and life because she sees opportunity instead of risk. She takes failure and success in stride. She marches to her own beat instead of trying to please everyone else. And whenever others take a step back because they see problems, failure and fear, she steps forward and says “I’ll take it.” More...

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Mumford and Sons Awake My Soul

Awake My Soul: Mumford and Sons Live at Red Rocks

Where you invest your love, you invest your life... More...

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