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I Knew Things Had to Change

I Knew Things Had to Change

All my life, food had been my friend. It comforted me when I was down, I celebrated with it and it kept me company when no one else was around. More...

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Sometimes you win sometimes you learn

Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You Learn

It's true that sometimes you're going to hit home-runs while other times you will strike out BUT as long as you gain knowledge then you've already succeeded. More...

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Little Steps = Lasting Change

Little Steps = Lasting Change

Just remember, when you feel like a million bucks… it all started with one.” More...

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The power of, drink, and be healthy!

The Power of the Coconut: Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy!

Coconut is one of the healthiest foods you are probably not eating (or drinking!). More...

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Be carefree

Be Carefree Just Because You Can

Don't sweat the little things. Stop to smell the roses. Just be present. These cliches can easily be dismissed until something happens that makes doing them virtually impossible. More...

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The greatest Fourth of July story ever told

The Greatest Fourth of July Story Ever

On this July 4th, a dad, a son, hard work, dedication, and a loving neighbor brought hope to life. More...

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Mumford and Sons Awake My Soul

Awake My Soul: Mumford and Sons Live at Red Rocks

Where you invest your love, you invest your life... More...

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Never giving up

Never Giving Up

Your hard work is inspiring to everybody but mostly it is inspiring to me and it is inspiring to our babies. More...

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Top Ten Belly Fat Burning Foods

Top Ten Belly Fat Burning Foods

To lose the lapover try eating these scientifically-proven fat reducing foods. More...

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Alaska family adventure vacation to let your imagination run wild

Imagination Runs Wild: Our Alaska Family Adventure Vacation

Imagination should run wild. This trip revealed the power of imagination once again. More...

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